Thursday, 26 February 2015

Unit 9 'Creating an app' - Lesson 1

Your tasks this lesson!

There is a homework task for this unit. It's on the first screen when you click on Unit 9 (under the list of all the lessons).
Write it down in your planner - it's due 20th March.  it will take a while to do some research before writing it up on a blog post titled 'Homework' or attaching a correctly shared Google doc or presentation.

For this unit you will either be using a tablet provided or you can use your phone if it is an Android phone and has internet connection.

You will need to organise yourselves into groups of 5 or 6 (or less) depending on the number of people using their own phones.  You will need to use a PC or Chrome book to refer to and another one to write the app on, plus a tablet to upload it to at the end.

1.  Go to Unit 9 'Creating an app' - Lesson 2.

2.  Read through the teacher's presentation.

3.  Do what it says on slide 9 - go to Activity sheet 1.

4a.  Activity sheet 1 - On your computer or Chrome book, go to the link on slide 2 and click the orange Create button.  (You shouldn't need to follow instructions 3 and 4 to get to the screen shown).

4b.  On another Chrome book or PC in the group, go to slide 3 and watch the video.  Copy the steps in the video on the Chrome book or PC that has the app open on it.

5.  When you're done, get a help sheet for emailing from the box the tablets came in and follow the instructions on it - the email address for the tablet is on a sticker on the tablet cover. 
If you have the pink tablet, you need the help sheet for scanning the QR code as the scanner for that works on that tablet (but not the others)

6.  If you have time, write a description of today's lesson on a new Blog post.

7.  Please return the tablets back to Mr Surrall's office at the end of the lesson - thank you

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