Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Last lesson of Unit 11 Networking

Last lesson of Unit 11 Networking

This is your last chance to improve your work before I submit your reports!

Firstly, make sure you have done all the tasks below from last lesson

1.  Improve your work where and how I have suggested and Update those Blog posts.

2. Make sure there are no posts missing for any of the lessons - if there are, then please either Publish them if they are still Drafts or go to that lesson on Learning Computing and write up a summary of the info for that lesson on a new post.  Give it a relevant title and Publish it.

3.  Email me to let me know which Blog post/s you have improved.

This is your last chance to improve on the unit grade and effort grade I have given.  If you had posts missing I will have given you either an effort grade 3 or 4, depending on how much work was missing - you don't want that on your report!

Last chance to improve all your grades and effort mark before I send your reports in on Thursday 12th Feb!!!

4.  Create a Google presentation explaining how you could network 15 computers in a classroom.  Describe what type of network it would be (LAN or WAN) and the best layout to use (bus, ring or star) and why.  Include diagrams to help explain your choice.  What equipment will you need?

5.  Share your presentation correctly (Advanced - Anyone with the link) and paste the link to a new Blog post for this lesson.  Publish!

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