Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Designing your app

Here are your tasks in the correct order for your work on app design

1.  On Learning Computing website, go to Unit 9 and then lesson 2.

2.  Click on the link to 'Official MIT App Inventor tutorials'.

3.  Choose a "style" of app that you want to create from the examples given and either watch the video or read through the pdf docs.

4.  Open a new internet tab and go to lesson 3 and make a copy of Activity 1 'Blank Design Sheet'.

5.  Complete this sheet, giving as much detail as possible about your app - target audience, why people would want to have it, purpose of the app, etc.

6.  Open a third new internet tab and open your Comp Sci blog.

7.  Share your Design sheet correctly (Advanced - Anyone with the link) and copy/paste the link to a new post called 'App Design Work'.

8.  Click Publish.

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