Thursday, 5 February 2015

Feedback lesson Unit 11 Networking

Tasks for this lesson!

I have marked your Blog posts for this unit.

You are to spend this lesson reading my comments and acting on them! 

1.  Improve your work where and how I have suggested and Update those Blog posts.

2. Make sure there are no posts missing for any of the lessons - if there are, then please either Publish them if they are still Drafts or go to that lesson on Learning Computing and write up a summary of the info for that lesson on a new post.  Give it a relevant title and Publish it.

3.  Email me to let me know which Blog post/s you have improved.

This is your chance to improve on the unit grade and effort grade I have given.  If you had posts missing I will have given you either an effort grade 3 or 4, depending on how much work was missing - you don't want that on your report!

Last chance to improve all your grades and effort mark before I send your reports in on Monday!!!

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