Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Modelling Unit - Lesson 3

Modelling Unit - Lesson 3

Your tasks this lesson!

1.  Go to Learning Computing - Year 8 - Unit  8 Modelling - Lesson 3

2.  Click on the link on Activity 1.  This is a simulation for making and selling lemonade to try and make a profit.

3.  Try and see how much profit you can make in the time I allow you on this.  Print screen your results (you click on the results button on the simulation at the end).

4.  On a new Google doc (called Lemonade Modelling), paste your print screen and explain underneath all the rules and variables you had to consider when trying to make a profit in your lemonade business.

5.  Write a definition and explanation of what a rule and variable are in this simulation.

6.  Share your Google doc - click Share - Advanced and change it from Private to Anyone with the Link - Click Save/Done and copy/paste the link to a new Blog post for today.

7.  Title your Blog post the same as this Blog post and click Publish!

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