Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Modelling - Unit 8 - Lesson 4

Modelling lesson 4
Your tasks for this lesson!

1.  Go to Learning Computing - Modelling Unit 8 - Lesson 4

2.  Watch the teacher presentation

3.  Click on the spreadsheet link in Activity 1.

4.  Make a copy of the spreadsheet.

5.  Do the tasks on the spreadsheet - there are tabs at the bottom of the sheet for each task.

6.  Open a new post on your Blog.  Title it the same as this Blog post.

7.  Once complete, share the spreadsheet - Click Share - Advanced and then change it from Private to Anyone with the Link.  Copy the weblink and paste it to today's post.

8.  Under the link on your Blog post, explain how spreadsheets can be used in Computer Modelling.  Keywords to use are "cells", "variables", "formulas" and "rules".  Hint - open the teacher's presentation and have another look at it for help.

9.  Click 'Publish' when you've done all this

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