Thursday, 23 April 2015

Modelling Unit - Lesson 2

Modelling Lesson 2

Your tasks for this lesson!

1.  Go to Learning Computing - Year 8 - Unit 8 'Modelling' - Lesson 2.

2.  Read through the teacher's presentation.

3.  Click on the link in the Starter activity and make a list of 3 groups of people who use computer models.

4.  Follow the instructions in Activity 1: Research Task to create a Prezi (the link is in that section) explaining who those 3 groups of people are, how they use computer models and why.

5.  Prezi - choose the free version and log in with your school email & choose one of your regular passwords so you don't forget it.  Remember your log in details for the future

6.  When you have finished your Prezi (or near the end of the lesson), you will need to click 'Share' under the presentation, change the slider pointer to 'Hidden', copy the link and paste it to this lesson's Blog post.

7.  Call this lesson's Blog post 'Modelling Lesson 2' and click Publish

6.  If you don't finish the Prezi, please finish for homework.

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