Friday, 24 March 2017

Computer Networks

Your blog work for this lesson!

1. Give a definition of what a computer network is, with an example (use GCSE Bitesize - Computing to help if needed).

2.  Open Google and type in 'what is my IP address?' Screenshot your result to a Google doc.

3.  You've found your computer 'postcode' (IP address).  Use to find the IP address of ''.  Take a screenshot and paste it onto your Google doc under the first one, giving an explanation of what it shows.

4.  Pick ONE website of your choice.  Find it's IP address.  Find it's Registrant details, including when it was first registered.  Write these details, including the website URL on to your blog post.

5.  You've just used a DNS source.  Use Google to find out what DNS stands for and (simply) how it works.  Write it on your post.

6.  Share your Google doc to Anyone with the link and copy/paste it to your post.


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