Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Microbits theory lesson

Microbits theory lesson

You are to spend this lesson improving and extending the work you did on your blog last lesson.  You will need the presentation for Microbits, lesson 1 on the Computer Science section of the school website.

1.  Make sure you have completed the task on slide 4.

2.  Using the link on slide 10 (in 'Present' mode), go to Python and follow the instructions on slide 14. Paste the screenshot to a Google doc. You do not need your microbit to actually run the program.

3.  Go to slide 17 and edit your python code to display a happy image.  Don't forget to add the screenshot to your Google doc, under the previous one.

4.  Go to slide 19 and repeat the above instructions.

5.  Go to this link and read through the 3 pages of information.

6.  Click on the tab that says 'Test'.

7.  Do the test and printscreen you results on your Google doc under your programming screenshots.

8.  Share your Google doc correctly (Advanced - change from Private to 'Anyone with the link).  Copy/paste the link to your blog post.  Update or Publish!

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