Thursday, 5 January 2017

Computers in business - Lesson 1

Your tasks for this lesson!

1.  Go to Learning Computing - Year 9 - Computers in Business - Lesson 1.

2.  Go through the presentation at the top of the webpage to remind yourself how a business letter should be laid out.

3.  Work through the Starter activity,comparing two letters.  Write your comparison on a new blog post for this lesson, titled ' Business letters'.

4.  Read through Activity 1 and write your letter in a Google doc, remembering to use the format shown in the presentation your looked at earlier.  You will find address details for the National Museum of computing on their website (use the link in Activity 1). The address given in Activity 1 is for the Apple contact.

Remember to be polite, formal and persuasive.  Maybe offer something in return, eg publicity for Apple making a donation.  Tell Apple about the museum - it's history, what it's about, etc (see their website) so they know whether it would be worth donating.

Add in a logo for the museum at the top of the letter (copy/paste one from their website).

5.  Share your letter - click Advanced and share to Anyone with the link.  Copy/paste the link on your post, underneath your Starter work/letters comparison notes.

For silver/gold, add in notes about how computers are now used for business letters, referring back to Yr7 History of Computers and how computers developed for this (eg mouse, windows, icons, etc) and what was used before.  This is for Band 6 marks.

Publish your post!!!!

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