Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Robotics lesson 2 Selection

Robotics lesson 2 - Selection

Your written work for this lesson is as follows:

1.  In Google drawing, draw out the flowchart for the selection challenge on the presentation for this lesson.  
For your the idea of flowcharts with programming, eg your Python game and programming Wall-E, - describe how they are useful in planning your programming.

2.  Share your drawing correctly (to Anyone with the Link) and copy/paste the link to a new post for this lesson, titled the same as this post.

3.  Copy/paste this image below to a new Google drawing and label as many icons or symbols as you can (the ones on the left menu as well as the ones used in the program), explaining what they do and how/when they are used in a program.  Share this correctly and copy/paste the link to the same post as before.

4.  Publish your post!

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