Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Encryption - Codewords and Lesson 4 PGP


This work refers back to last lesson when you looked at how the frequency that letters appear in our language can be used as a starting point for decrypting a code.

I have provided a worksheet of a total of 6 Codeword puzzles.  Each square on the grid has been given a number and that refers to a letter of the alphabet.  You are provided with 3 letters to start with and, once they have been written into the relevant squares, you have to try and work out what the words could be and therefore what letter the numbers represent.

Have a go!  Use pencil and rubber if you have them!

Hint: Write out the alphabet under the grid to start with and cross off the letters as you work out which numbers they are.  This will give you a record of which letters are still to be used.

PGP - Pretty Good Privacy
For the work for this you need to go to the link below and work through the tasks on the slideshow.....

Evidence all work on your blog or shared Google doc (as appropriate) as usual and publish the post at the end of the lesson.

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