Thursday, 14 May 2015

Modelling - Lesson 5 - Assessment

Modelling - Lesson 5 - Assessment!
What you need to do

1.  Go to Learning Computing - Lesson 5 - Assessment.

2.  Click on the link to the assessment task presentation.

3.  Work through each Task in turn.  Task 1 (Level 4) written work should be written directly on to your new Blog post for this lesson.

4.  For Tasks 2 - 4 involve creating a spreadsheet (Google Sheet) to set out the data given on slide 3 and to add formulas and formatting to it.

Hint: Remember to format cells for currency (use Format menu) where appropriate and you'll also find conditional formatting in there for Task 3.

Minimum values can be found using =min(highlight cells in the range you are using to find this out) and then Enter.

5.  Task 5 answers should be written underneath your table on your spreadsheet.  Think about the variables you could change on your Lemonade simulation and how those ideas could apply to this scenario.

6.  Check out the mark scheme on the last slide and compare your work to this to make sure you can get the best marks possible.

7.  Share your spreadsheet correctly and copy/paste the link to your Blog post under your written work for Task 4.

8.  Click Publish!
If you do not finish this lesson, please finish it at the weekend, ready for me to mark on Monday!  Thank you

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