Wednesday, 11 March 2015

You've designed the app, now build it!

Now you need to start building your app!

1.  Go to the MIT App Inventor at the link here.......

2.  Click on the Create! button and start to build your programming.  Use the MIT tutorials to help you - link here.....

3.  You will need to then click 'Start a new project' in the top left of your screen.

4.  15 mins before the end of the lesson you need to save your project - Click on 'Projects' and then 'Save project'.

5.  Take a screen shot of your program so far (press Prt Scn button on right of F12 on desktop keyboards, or press Ctrl and the button with lots of overlapping rectangles on Chrome book, then bottom right 'Copy to Clipboard').

6.  Open a Google doc, title it 'App program' and Ctrl V your screenshot to it.  

7.  Under your screen shot, explain what you have done so far and what should happen with your program so far (ie what and how it works).

8.  Share this correctly - Click Advanced and then change it from Private to Anyone with the Link.  Copy/paste the web link (URL) to a new Blog post for this lesson called 'Programming the App #1'.

9.  Click Publish.

Reminder - homework to be done by 20th March!!!!!!

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