Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Unit 11 Networking - lesson 5 'The Internet'

Lesson 5 - The Internet
Today's tasks!

1.  Open a new Blog post give it the same title as this one.

2.  Watch both videos on Learning Computing - Unit 11 - Lesson 5

3.  Using the teacher's presentation to help you, explain what the internet is, how information travels around it and the difference between 'www' and the internet itself.  Add an image

4.  What does HTML stand for and what is it?

Complicated extension work!

5.  Complete Activities 1,2 and 3.

6.  Add screenshots of your webpages to your Blog post - you can do this as a link to a Google doc with the screenshots pasted onto it (don't forget to Share your Google doc correctly or I won't be able to see and mark it!!).

7.  Click Publish!!

Finish this work for homework if needed - you can update your blog post.
All work MUST be published ready for assessment!!!!

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