Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Unit 11 - Networking Lesson 4

Lesson 4 - work that needs to be done!

In lesson 3 we learned about how files are broken down into packets when it is sent over a network.

There are 2 ways of sending the packets - circuit switching and packet switching.

In order for computers to be able to send and receive information (data) on a network, they need to have an IP address.

1.  Find out what IP stands for, what an IP address is and why it is needed.  The link below may be useful (however, other websites are available!).

2.  On a new Blog post for this lesson, write down what you have found out about IP addresses and why they are needed for computers on a network or using the internet.

3.  Find out the equipment that is needed to set up a basic network of 5 computers that can connect to the internet.  List the equipment and how it is used (what it's needed for) on your Blog post.

4.  Linked in with IP addresses and networks, can you go back to the presentation for Lesson 1 in this unit when you had to explain why setting computers up as a network was a good idea for businesses.  Make sure that you have finished this presentation and that you have included diagrams for each type of network design (topology) - bus, ring and star.  Make sure you have written down the advantages and disadvantages of each design and why one you'd recommend to use.

5.  Make sure you have shared and linked this presentation correctly and that the Blog post it is pasted on to has been published.

I am checking through your work for report writing so please make sure all blog posts are published so I can write a good report!

Make sure all work for this lesson and previous ones is finished and published.  Any unfinished work is to be finished for homework

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