Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Unit 11 - Networking, Lesson 2

Lesson 2 - Today's tasks!

1.  Go to Learning Computing, Unit 11 Networking, lesson 2.

2.  Open the teacher's presentation and read through each slide.  Go through the slides in overview format, don't click the 'Present' button as you need to read the notes on slides 8 and 9 for extra info (normally I'd tell you this info as I went through the presentation in class).

3.  Ignore the 2 video links on the lesson as these are no longer available on YouTube.

Instead, click on the link below to go to BBC GCSE Bitesize for a page on more information......


4.  Go back to Learning Computing lesson 2 page, click on Activity 2 and work through the tasks listed.

5.  Share all your work (click Share button, then Advanced and choose Anyone at Cooper School, click Done and then copy the blue highlighted weblink and paste to your blog post for this lesson.  Remember to title your new blog post for the lesson as Unit 11, lesson 2.

6.  Publish your blog post!

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