Thursday, 8 January 2015

Unit 11 Networking - lesson 1

Welcome back!

We're starting a new unit - Unit 11, Networking

Tasks for this lesson!

1.  Go to Learning Computing, Year 8, Unit 11 Networking, lesson 1

2.  Read through the teacher's presentation so you can see what the lesson is all about.

3.  Watch the video.  If you don't have headphones, click on 'Subtitles off' at the top of the video screen and it'll switch them on so you can read the dialogue.  Try to remember the information

4.  Click on Activity 1 and do the tasks listed on it.  You'll find some of the info in the teacher's presentation and the rest in the video (that's why I said to try and remember it!).  Note - when it asks for the different types of networks, I take that to mean LAN and WAN.

5.  For extra marks and to show greater understanding, it would be good to explain the 3 different network layouts and which would be best for the business.

6.  Share your presentation correctly (click Share, then Advanced and choose Anyone with the link, then Done.  Copy the blue highlighted web link and paste to a new Blog post).

7.  Make a new Blog post on your Computing Blog and paste the shared presentation on to it.  Call your Blog post networking lesson 1.

8.  Publish your post!

If you don't finish your presentation in the lesson still share it and paste the link to your Blog and then finish it for homework.
You do not have to re-share the presentation, the link is a 'live' link so I will see any changes/updates to the presentation when I come to mark it at the end of the course.

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