Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Feedback lesson and revision

Today's work
Your Blog posts have been marked and written feedback comments are on your last post.  

Many of you had not published blog posts, some of you had not shared work correctly from Private to Anyone with the Link.  If you are one of those students, you need to sort this out so you can be given a mark for the unit later on.

If your work was able to be marked, you have been given a mark and told how to improve your work. You now need to do as has been suggested to improve your work and comment back (click in the comment box under my comment) to say that you've done it.

When you've done the improvements to your blog posts, you need to revise all the work you've done this unit for a test next lesson.

To revise, you need to go through all your work and the teacher's presentations for all the lessons in Unit 10.
You will be expected to be able to explain how electricity creates binary coding, be able to convert binary to denary, add some binary numbers and explain how binary coding relates to file size and range of colours.

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