Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Unit 12 - Python lesson 3 Selection

This lesson is about selection where the computer will make a different response according to different results to a set of variables.

Written work 1
Print screen your Code Academy programs and paste to a Google doc as you work through those tasks.  Give this doc a sensible name.

Written work 2
You drew up a flow chart in the lesson for the following scenario: 

  • A user enters their password.
  • The computer checks to see if the password is correct.
  • If the password is correct then they are allowed access.
  • If the password is not correct then they are denied access.

Draw this flowchart on a Google presentation (it's easier to draw shapes in this application than in a doc).

Share the presentation (Anyone with the link), copy the URL and paste it to a Blog post for this lesson.  Don't forget to highlight the URL text and click on the blue Link button!

Remember to give your post a title please!

Written work 3
Below your presentation link, explain what selection is - in your own words!  You can use the teacher's presentation for lesson 3 to remind you.

Written work 4
Share your Google doc of Code Academy screenshots (Anyone with the link) and copy/paste the URL to your Blog post as well.

Now click Publish!

Well done.  Thank you :-)

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