Monday, 3 March 2014

Building a computer - Lesson 2 Binary and storage

Here is the work that you need to do.  (You can look at the teacher's presentation in lesson 3 of the Building a Computer unit for help).

1.  Open a new post on your Computer Science blog and title the Post the same as this one.

2.  Explain how computers use binary code?

3. What numbers in binary code represent the electric current inside the computers being turned off and on (don't forget to say which is on and which is off!)

4.  Write a short description of the activity you did with torches sending messages to each other.  What was that activity trying to show?

5.  Explain why the more "bits" that are in a code give more colours (this is from your Binary Images spreadsheet work - paste a link to your spreadsheet on your blog post and finish all pages of it for homework). 

6.  Write down the information from the teacher's presentation, slide 8, listing the different units of data storage (bits, bytes, etc).

7.  Can you think of anything from lessons we've done before that link in with this lesson on binary?  Write down how it links in. Clue - robotics unit.........

7.  When you have done all the work above, click Publish!  :-)

8.   If you don't finish this in the lesson, you'll need to either finish it at lunchtime or at home.  Deadline is by the end of the weekend, ready for next lesson! 

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