Monday, 3 February 2014

Robotics Assessment - Lesson 3 Evaluation

This is the final lesson on writing up your assessment.

Look at the teacher presentation in Lesson 7 on the Robotics Unit in Year 7, Learning Computing.  Slide 3 on the presentation will give you some guidance as to what to write on the Robotics Assessment post you have already started and saved.  Remember you are not writing a new post, just continuing with the previous one!

You should already have on your Robotics assessment post the write-ups from the planning lesson and the  practical lesson. 

At the end of this lesson your Robotics assessment post should have the following things on it:

1.  A correctly shared Route map through the arena showing the direction your robot was going to take, where it started and ended and reasons for choosing that route.

2.  A correctly shared diagram of your programming flow chart (remember extra marks are available for using decision diamonds and/or sub routines).

3.  A description of your successes and failures in the practical, how well your team worked together and any problems with the teamwork (no names, please!).

4.  A description of how you could improve your success by improving the programming to compensate for any robot inaccuracies, robot problems, measurements of the arena, how the team worked, etc.

The greater the detail - the greater the marks!!  Impress me!

Once this is all done to the best standard to you can, publish!

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