Monday, 13 January 2014

Robotics - Lesson 2 - Selection

Selection lesson notes

For your Post for this lesson you need to:

1.  Explain what Selection means and give an example of how it can be useful (I used logging on to the network as my example)

2.  In Google Draw - draw your flow chart for the lesson's challenge (move forward 1 rotation if not touching anything, turn around if touching something).

3.  When this is finished, share your flowchart (Anyone with the link) and copy/paste the link to your Blog post (don't forget to highlight the link text and click on the blue Link button).

4.  Say whether you managed to get your Wall-E to follow the program and work correctly.  Any problems?  Say what they were and how you overcame them.

5.  Copy and paste the photo of your group's Wall-E program onto your post - the photo will be in your teaching group's shared folder in Google Drive.

6.  When all this is done - Publish your post!

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