Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Robotics - Lesson 1 Blog notes to write up

Hi Everyone

Here is the list that I put on the board with the points I need you to write about today's lesson.  To recap, you wrote a flow chart showing the instructions for a robot to move in a square and then you had to program your Lego Mindstorm (Wall-E) to move in a square.

I need you to:

1.  Explain what you had to do
2.  Describe the success you had
3.  Describe any problems you had
4.  Describe the improvements you'd like to make if could have another go
5.  Describe how you'd like to extend that activity if you could have another go.

This write up needs to be completed ready for next lesson!

If you have any problems with this come and see me BEFORE next lesson!

 Ms W  :-)

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