Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Robotics Assessment - Lesson 1 Planning

Here is the link to the Robot arena diagram for your robot programming.  It doesn't matter which end your robot starts from - just try and program it to knock all the tubes down in the easiest route and quickest time!


Good luck!

Here is a link to the photo


You need to:

1. From the plan of the arena, work out the simplest, shortest and quickest route to knock down as many tubes as possible.

2. In Google Draw, draw out a flow chart for your chosen route.  Remember that 1 wheel rotation is approx 15cm foward movement.

3.  Share this (Anyone with the link), Save and copy/paste the blue weblink to your Blog post.  Don't forget to highlight the link text and click on the blue Link button in your toolbar at the top.

4.  When you've done this Save your post - DO NOT PUBLISH IT YET!!!!

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