Wednesday, 20 March 2013

9y2 Cover work for lesson Fri 22nd March 2013

Hi Folks

Sorry I cannot be there for your lesson.  Below is the work that you need to do.  This work will be needed for your next lesson when you're creating a presentation to the Board of Directors for Mayhem Manor trying to persuade them to build your water ride.  

Everyone needs to finish all this work by the end of the lesson!

Behave and be nice to your cover teacher! I will get a report in my tray when I get back on Monday!

You need to open your spreadsheet called Financial Model (you worked on this in previous lessons). If you don’t have a copy because you were absent, you can get a copy from Smart Skills Builder – Yr9 – Unit 9.1 – Lesson 5 – Resource 5f. You need to save this into your Unit 9.1 folder as Resource 5f.

Smart Skills Yr9 textbooks (on book shelf by printer) – Ps 33+34.

1. You need to note down on your spreadsheet the current Profit/Loss figure.

2. Then follow Steps 8.1-8.4, writing down the question for each Step first, making the changes and then noting down the new Profit/Loss figure.

3. You need to check when you have to undo the changes you've made and when not to – read the instructions carefully in each Step!

4. Save your spreadsheet when all answers have been found.

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