Friday, 18 January 2013

Snow day work! 9y2

Hi Folks

And you thought you wouldn't have any work to do!!  ;-)   Actually what I need you to do is really important.

1.  Please go to the link below and follow the instructions on the spreadsheet

2.  Lesson Outcomes:

  • Decide on a theme for your water ride.
  • Explain the features of your water ride.
  • Plan out what your water ride will look like.

In this topic you will creating a new water ride for Mayhem Manor a new theme park due to open in Bicester next month. You will be creating a model of the ride using Scratch and calculating how much proift you could make using Spreadsheets.

But first you need to design your ride.

Task 1: Example 
Clicking here will open an example presentation. I used Microsoft Powerpoint but you can create yours as a Google Presentation if you don't have Powerpoint at home.

Task 2: Theme
All the best rides have themes. I chose Indiana Jones for mine but your ride can have any (appropriate) theme you like eg Underwater, Horror, Jungle etc.

Collect at least 15 images that go with your theme and add them to the first page of your presentation.

Task 3: Features
On the second slide explain what the main features of your ride will be, why should someone pay to go on your ride compared to everyone else's?

Task 4: Plan
On the final slide of your presentation draw a birds-eye view of what your water ride will look like. You can use Google Draw or just the autoshapes tools in Powerpoint like I did. There are extra marks if you can animate your ride so that the floats go round it!

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