Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Your lesson for Friday 16th November 2012!

Hi Folks

Sorry I'm not there today - busy on a Year 7 ICT/Science trip.

Here is the work you need to do today.  Make sure you get it all done.....and to a good standard!

Go on to Learning Computing website – Year 9 – Power of Computers – Lesson 1. 

You need to work through Activity 2 in Lesson 1 (finishing off this lesson from last week)

You will need headphones to listen to the instructional videos - please use your own if you have them.

Once you have done this, go to Lesson 2, watch the Teacher’s Presentation, then watch Video 1 and complete Activity 1.  You can use any application of your choice to complete Activity 1. 

If you complete the work in plenty of time, get it evaluated by the person next to you for suggested improvements

Save your work in a new ‘Power of Computers’ folder in your Docs. 

Hope you have no problems with this work.

Be nice to your cover teacher!

See you next week

Ms W :-)

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